Eric Decetis

Over the past three decades, Eric Decetis’s fellow cartoonists have watched in awe as he grabbed the single panel cartoon by the scruff of its neck, hauled it into his studio, and showed us just how ingeniously the human body could be corrupted for a laugh. I know of no other cartoonist who possesses Eric’s command of anatomy combined with a sense of humor that should probably be registered as a lethal weapon. I’ve yet to see a Decetis cartoon that didn’t leave me laughing out loud, and if he doesn’t already hold the patent on how to draw the human buttocks then the U.S. Congress should award it to him unconditionally.

A cartoonist is required to wear many hats, among them: artist, humorist, writer, philosopher, and journalist. Here is a collection of Eric’s work which represents a unique and potent blend of his skills. After viewing them, I can promise that you’ll never walk again through a crowd without seeing one of his characters in the flesh (fully clothed I hope.) You will never again be able to look at a fat lady with a Chihuahua without imagining the catastrophic possibilities. Mr. Decetis has brought us a powerful message...that even during our prettiest, coolest, and noblest moments we are, each and every one of us, just another ass in the crowd.

- New Yorker Cartoonist Tom Cheney

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