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1992 Vintage Year Birthday Wine Bottle Card

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Vintage Year Card 1992 Wine Bottle. Each card contains intricate foil, fact about wine and a brief history of what happened the year you were born!

Front Text: Happy Birthday 1992 Vintage. The best hand-picked birthday wishes

Inside Text: From the Vine...

  • Over 90% of the world’s wine is consumed within two years of its vintage
    date. It is estimated 98% of all wine sold is consumed within a single week of purchase.
  • When Mount Vesuvius buried Pompeii in volcanic lava in 79 A.D., it entombed more than 200 wine bars, eight on a single street. 
  • A typical grape berry is, by weight, 75% pulp, 20% skin and 5% seeds. Small grapes such as Pinot Noir have a larger portion of skin to pulp.

In 1992

  • George H. Bush is President.
  • J. Danforth Quayle is Vice-President.
  • Colgate standup toothpaste, the Intel 486 chip and “New Age” clear beverages
    (Coke & Pepsi) are all new this year.
  • Presidential candidate Bill Clinton plays the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show.
  • Johnny Carson’s last show draws a record 55 million viewers.
  • Mob Boss John Gotti is convicted of racketeering; Dan Quayle misspells potato
    during elementary school spelling bee.
  • Also born in 1992--Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Lautner, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas.

Happy Birthday

Back Text: Life's Essence. Go ahead, indulge yourself with the finest in birthday wishes for that special moment when another year doesn't mean getting older, it means again gracefully. Birthday Wishes 100% by Volume. You can recycle this card, but we prefer you keep it forever. Printed in Canada

Card size: 9 3/16" high by 3 1/8" wide (letter size)


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