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Vintage Year Birthday Wine Bottle Card 1988

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Vintage Year Card 1988 Wine Bottle. Each card contains intricate foil, fact about wine and a brief history of what happened the year you were born!

Front Text: Happy Birthday 1988 Vintage aged to perfection. Happy BIrthday

Inside Text: From the Vine...

  • Merlot is a red wine with a medium to full body and herbaceous flavors. Merlot is typically softer in the taste than Cabernet Sauvignon. Its flavors and aromas include blackberry, baked cherries, plums, chocolate, and mocha. Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine known for its depth of flavor, aroma, and ability to age. It is full-bodied and intense, with cherry-currant and sometimes herbal flavors. Cabernet Sauvignon may have noticeable tannins. 

In 1988

  • Ronald Reagan is President.
  • George Bush is Vice-President.
  • Michael Jackson purchases a ranch in Santa Ynex, California. He calls his home "Neverland".
  • CD's outsell vinyl records for the first time. 
  • Sonny Bono is elected mayor of Palm Springs, California.
  • Pan Am flight 103 is blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland.
  • Wal-Mart opens its first Super-Center selling meats, produce, dairy products and baked goods in addition to its dry goods. 
  • Prozac is introduced by Eli Lily.
  • A 2 liter bottle of coke costs $1.00; Kellog's Corn Flakes, 41.59/box; a Sony Walkman, 419.95.
  • Also born in 1988 -- Rihanna, Brooke Hogan, Rumer Willis, Patrick Kane, Princess Beatrice

Happy Birthday

Back Text: Life's Essence. Go ahead, indulge yourself with the finest in birthday wishes for that special moment when another year doesn't mean getting older, it means again gracefully. Birthday Wishes 100% by Volume. You can recycle this card, but we prefer you keep it forever. Printed in Canada

Card size: 9 3/16" high by 3 1/8" wide (letter size)