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1973 Vintage Year Birthday Wine Bottle Card

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Vintage Year Card 1973 Wine Bottle. Each card contains intricate foil, fact about wine and a brief history of what happened the year you were born!

Front Text: Happy Birthday 1973 Vintage aged to perfection. Happy BIrthday

Inside Text: From the Vine...

  • Tartaric acid, or tartrates, is sometimes found on the bottom of a bottle of wine or the cork. Tartaric acid is a harmless crystalline deposit that looks like glass or rock candy In red wines, the crystals take on a rusty, reddish-brown color from the tannin.

In 1973

  • Richard M. Nixon is President.
  • Spiro T. Agnew/Gerald Ford, Vice-President.
  • Roe v. Wade legalizes abortion.
  • The war in Vietnam comes to an end. 
  • Watergate hearings begin. Nixon declares, "I am not a crook".
  • English Leather Soap-On-A-Rope Costs $2.00; Penthouse magazine, $1.00.
  • Median sale price of a single family home,$28,900.00.
  • The 110-story World Trade Center is completed in NYC
  • McDonald's introduces the Egg McMuffin.
  • The Rocky Horror Show and the book, The Joy of Sex, are hits. 
  • Billy Joel's Piano Man, Bruce Springsteen's Greetings From Asbury Park and Elton John's, Yellow Brick Road are released. 
  • Sonny and Cher are on TV.
  • Secretariat wins the Triple Crown. Willie Mays retires. George Foreman KO's Joe Frazier. 
  • Also born in 1973 -- Eric Lindros, Tori Spelling, Neil Patrick Harris, Monica Seles, Monica Lewinsky, Jeremy Jordan. 

Happy Birthday

Back Text: Life's Essence. Go ahead, indulge yourself with the finest in birthday wishes for that special moment when another year doesn't mean getting older, it means again gracefully. Birthday Wishes 100% by Volume. You can recycle this card, but we prefer you keep it forever. Printed in Canada

Card size: 9 3/16" high by 3 1/8" wide (letter size)


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